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Giftcode game Summoners Era siêu hot Empty Giftcode game Summoners Era siêu hot

Tue Dec 06, 2022 12:52 pm
Nhận trọn bộ giftcode game Summoners Era miễn phí, share code vip Summoners Era, code game Summoners Era Mobile , VIP Giftcode game Summoners Era mobile free

Giftcode game Summoners Era siêu hot LkXtNM4qKfnwch5ZaPqOdn5i-C6bdxZFgj4ZombARzFqt0YTreOjIVnpp1Xl4w7J2A=w526-h296-rw
From an apprentice summoner to protector of the world, become the messenger of the goddess in this amazing Idle RPG game. Embark on a journey to protect the Kingdom of Light from Dark Forces with millions of Summoners around the world.

▣ Game Features ▣
Giftcode game Summoners Era siêu hot B5Q2VdigV5RgKJDEVIG5UXA13KMzAcdF4TeUwsQ6scj3Uphfd3HPqvZlME7dX9XvJEnX=w526-h296-rw
■ Classic Idle RPG game genre - Conquer with just a touch of finger
Your heroes will automatically train and level up even when you're AFK. They will become stronger when you come back.
Collect powerful heroes and rare items to assemble the ultimate squad. Many valuable rewards are waiting for you on the top!
Giftcode game Summoners Era siêu hot Ke1YfmftOMo40zBNcqglpfB9ur8bTi2hwvtMD0CwRA9fKjvt2YI2DxRfdx3Ru-7sUO8k=w526-h296-rw
■ Features of RPG Game - Collect Unique Heroes
- 6 Factions with a variety of different combinations. Build your squad wisely.
- 5 Classes: Warrior, Ranger, Priest, Mage and Assassin. Ready to serve!
- More than 150 heroes, each has a unique skill set. There are tons of strategies you can try, the only limit is your imagination!

■ Addictive Content
Campaign, Dragon Tower, Dungeon, Fortress,... The endless adventure awaits! There are many amazing features and game modes for you to discover!
Giftcode game Summoners Era siêu hot M-zjqzPe-hUooebMXGuFme3vd5LUvAUReogsaVyOSA4wZOwtz-07aVbApefkSSLdjjI=w526-h296-rw
■ Guild & Guild Wars
Team up with friends and players from all around the world to conquer other guilds. Exciting Guild Wars is now available with exclusive rewards!

■ Compete globally with players around the world
Show the world your ultimate AFK squad by beating all the other players in the arena. It's time to calculate and build a serious strategy to reach the top!
Giftcode game Summoners Era siêu hot I5Yv3-deAASKPL-lfVkvTH4ju9czRMFTPrVwGym62rpEsjzF2f1Pc2vevNp3C7_Ux7K1=w526-h296-rw
There is only one king in this game! The decision is yours!
Bộ Giftcode game Summoners Era siêu hot bao gồm
- Gifcode vip (888 KC và gói quà may mắn) 
- Gifcode like and share Summoners Era
- Giftcode tân thủ Summoners Era
- Giftcode offline (200 code số lượng có hạn)
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